This is an angular material that is applied to your page title element, and it should be a simple list of attributes. template {{ content }} {{ item . title }} {{ app . title }, “Content” }} {{ content }}} {{ app }} {{ title }} {{ / content }} .app { position : absolute ; padding : 0 ; } {{ content | material }} App Component {{ content . title } }}


This is a list of items {{ content ?

content : ” }} {{ article .

content }} {{ item }} {{ article }}

The final result: {{ article ?

content = ” }}

The App Component

Angular Material is a very powerful tool, but the material type is not always clear when you are working with complex Angular components.

Here is an example of how to display the App Component on a


    ng-content >

    The Material type is a container tag and it is also used in many other places.

    This type of tag can be used to define container elements that can be applied to any element, such as divs, and that can contain other elements.

    Angular Material can also be used with the ng-template directive, which allows you to specify that an element be used as a template when the element is not present in the template.

    For example, if you have an app that displays a menu and a list, you can use the ng to: < div id = "menu" ng = "{{ template }}" ng

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