‘Cute’ and ‘amazing’ for a house that costs $2 million

Cute home in the heart of a bustling hobby lobby building material district, with its own parking lot and a garage, may be a bargain for the price.

But it is also a sight to behold, and the house’s price tag is a reminder of the challenges facing the city as it tries to build a neighborhood that is diverse and inclusive.

The house, which is being built in the building materials business of the city’s largest building materials supplier, is in a prime location on the West Side, in the northwest part of the neighborhood.

It is on the site of a long-forgotten brick building called the B&H Building, which closed in 2003 after the city bought the building.

That building is still on the market, with a sale estimated to start next month.

The current owner is asking $2.6 million for the house, according to the listing.

The listing says the house has “a small but elegant” backyard, and includes a pool, kitchen, master bath and a “small living room and dining room with large windows.”

The listing also includes an outdoor terrace.

The listing does not say how much the house will cost, but it includes a basement and a crawl space.

Cities are facing a shortage of homes to house residents with the median household income of $45,000, or about $50,000 a year for a family of four.

The median home value in New York is $1.2 million, according the real estate website Trulia.

While the house is located in a building materials industry that has been struggling to find new home for its workers and workers of color, the city is facing a similar shortage of affordable housing.

The housing market in many cities is not improving fast enough to keep up with demand, said James Toth, president of the New York Communities for Change Housing Institute.

The city’s rental vacancy rate in October was 7.3 percent, compared with the national rate of 10.4 percent, according

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