Which shoes are the best? We asked the experts

LOUIS VUITTON, Australia — It’s the season for shopping in the rain, with lots of shoes in your pantry to choose from.

So what do you need to know about the best shoes for your foot?

READ MOREThe Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) said a lot of the best shoe brands around are Australian made, with their products designed and sourced by Australian designers and suppliers.

“The key to good shoe design is to have good materials, to have great craftsmanship and to be comfortable,” said the AIS chief executive, Paul Cawthorne.

“There’s a lot about shoe design that has to be researched by the shoe maker, and then there’s a process of making sure the materials are right and the craftsmanship is good, and there’s that whole process of manufacturing, and it’s not all about the quality.”

We like to think of shoe design as something that can be learned from the craftspeople that are around, but we really want to encourage the craft of shoe making to continue to develop and evolve and develop into something that is very different from what it is now.

“The AIS’ research has found there are a number of brands that make some of the most popular footwear styles in the world, but many others that do not.

While some have come from overseas, others are products of Australian companies.

Here are our picks for the best pair of shoes:Sneakers from Australia’s top shoe manufacturersAIS chief research officer, Paul Shaw, said many Australian manufacturers were making shoes for domestic markets, but there were also some who were looking at expanding overseas.”

I think that we see Australian brands coming up quite often,” he said.”

We have a number from Japan, we have a few from South Africa and so on, so I think there’s an emerging market of brands from the Australian market.

“Some of these are quite high end, and we have to give them credit for that.”

Shaw said the Australian brand, Wodonga, was the one that made the most waves in the industry.

“Wodonga has a very well-known shoe that is one of the brands that have a really good reputation in the market,” he explained.

“They’ve had great sales, they’re doing very well in their business, they’ve had a good reputation with their customers and with their employees.”

While most of the footwear styles used by professional athletes were produced in Australia, the AAS found there were other shoes that were created in other countries, like the Nike Zoom Flyknit shoe and the Nikes and the Adidas Originals.

While these shoes are often designed for women, Shaw said that’s not always the case.

“If you look at Nike’s Zoom Fly knit shoe, it’s for men, but they’ve also got some really great shoes for women as well,” he told ABC Radio.

“One of the things that you’re looking for is if they’re really comfortable for you, whether it’s the fact that the toe is raised, whether the heel is raised and the heel fold is not too wide.”

And then there are other shoes for people who have smaller feet, people who are more active, or people who want to wear shoes that are more comfortable.

“It really depends on what the foot is comfortable in.”

For some people, they may be looking for the comfort of a shoe that’s more comfortable for the ankle, or the heel.

“Shoot out the detailsSneaker manufacturers often create models based on the most recent footwear trends, but Shaw said he wanted to focus on the details.”

When you get a brand like Nike, who’s got a great reputation and has been around for a long time, they have a great understanding of the shoes they are making, so they can take all of that into account,” he stated.”

What you want to do is look at the shoes themselves, what they look like, the shoes that they’ve got on them.

“That’s really what you want from the shoe makers, is to give you a good idea of how they make shoes, how they do the work of making shoes, so you can then look at what they’ve been doing to make the shoes.”

But Shaw said there was a range of styles for every person, with a range that varied based on where they were located.

“You can look at a guy who lives in a northern city and he might have a pair of Nike shoes, but if you were a guy from a rural area, you might have to look at something more exotic, something that you can’t get anywhere else.”

A lot of shoes come with the model, the colour, the brand, the model.

And then you’re going to have to think about what that model means, what that colour means.

“So that’s a little bit more of a balancing act.”

Shore said one

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