New federal law on plastic packaging and shipping will boost recycling in Australia

NEW ZEALAND – New federal legislation will boost the recycling of polystyrene (PS) packaging and paper products by up to 80 per cent, with a new deadline of May 1, 2020.

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) will make it easier for people to recycle their polystyrenes, which are used to make plastics and other products.

It will also create a new Federal Hazard Mitigation and Mitigation Program (FHMP), which will see government agencies provide support to businesses that recycle and sell their PS.

In addition, the Government will increase penalties for businesses that fail to recycle and ship their PS to a landfill site, and increase penalties to those that ship and collect PS.

It also allows for a new national landfill service, to collect PS from households, businesses and universities.

The new legislation will allow Australia to reap the benefits of the plastics and paper industry’s $5.4 billion economic boost to Australia from the introduction of the carbon tax in July 2020.

It will allow us to increase the recycling rate by up a further 40 per cent.

But with the new legislation coming into force on May 1st, it is hoped it will encourage more businesses to put PS packaging in their own vehicles.

“The new laws will help Australian consumers and businesses continue to recycle, and it will allow consumers and business to continue to be successful in recycling, which is why the Government is keen to help businesses through the introduction and implementation of the new regulations,” Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg said.

Frydenberg says the new laws are a major step towards making the recycling industry a sustainable industry.

What do we need to recycle?

A good place to start is to look at your current collection process.

For most of us, our plastic bags, boxes and other household items are a constant source of waste.

There are many options out there to recycle your plastics, from using household waste to make your own bottles or bottles of your favourite fruit, or even recycling your old plastic toys and furniture.

There are also recycling centres in many countries around the world that can help you out.

If you have a few extra dollars to throw around, the Federal Government has put together a list of places you can get a recycling kit.

For people who want to get their household recycling in order, there are a number of options to consider.

Here are some suggestions: The Government has recently announced it will invest $100 million to help people get their plastic waste into a landfill, with more than $1 billion invested so far.

A $10 per tonne levy will also be introduced on plastic bottles and bottles of fruit, vegetables and other items, with businesses to reduce their plastic bag waste by 50 per cent within three years.

Bag recyclers can also earn up to a $1.50 per ton of recycling revenue through the Federal Hazard Reduction Program.

An increased deadline will mean more people will be able to take advantage of the tax.

All the new recycling laws will be in place by June 1, 2018.

Here are the major requirements for a business that wants to be eligible for the tax exemption:1.

Have a business of more than 100 employees or more than five staff.2.

Have an annual turnover of $10 million or more.3.

Have at least 10 employees.4.

Have 50 employees.5.

Have no more than 25 staff.6.

Have more than 10 staff per square metre of business space.7.

Have 10 or more facilities, with at least 500 tonnes of waste generated annually.8.

Have less than 50 employees and no more then 10 facilities.9.

Have turnover of at least $100,000 a year.10.

Have five or more employees, and have fewer than 50 staff.

What’s your recycling process?

Read more about recycling here: “What I’ve heard from people who are concerned about their plastic bags is the concern about the packaging,” Environment Commissioner David Thodey told the ABC.

“What we are seeing now is a much broader, broader conversation around the plastic bags.”

“And so what we’ve found is that it’s a very important conversation to have about recycling, and there are lots of people who don’t realise that they can recycle their plastics, and they can do it much more effectively.”

Thodey says a big part of the Government’s focus on recycling will be on reducing landfill emissions.

He says the Government needs to ensure that businesses are using the same resources to reduce landfill emissions as they do to get plastics out of the ground.

“And the Government has set the date of the deadline in 2020, and the next step is to get the infrastructure in place to be able businesses to take part in the process,” he said.

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