‘I feel like a terrorist’: Former tech executive says he feels like a ‘terrorist’ after he was fired from a company he co-founded

Extech Technology is an Atlanta-based technology company that specializes in manufacturing, design and production of electrical and electronic components.

The company has received national attention after former CEO and founder of Extech Michael Schmitz was fired in February.

The reason for Schmitze’s dismissal is unclear.

However, Schmitzing said that he was forced to step down due to a combination of financial, technical and legal issues, which he said were unrelated to the company.

Schmitzee was fired after a lawsuit filed by a former employee, who claimed that he and another former employee committed the same type of alleged misconduct.

The lawsuit alleges that the former employees committed the acts of sexual harassment.

Schmitz’s firing led to a wave of public criticism and accusations against the company, which is owned by tech investor Warren Buffett.

A Facebook page titled “A Statement Against Extech and the Extech Corporation” gained more than 2,300 likes, according to an analysis of the site by Buzzfeed.

The CEO and co-founder of ExTech said he did not believe that his firing was related to allegations against him.

However the company has acknowledged that it has faced a number of accusations of sexual misconduct in recent months.

Extech said that it is currently conducting an internal investigation.

According to the Facebook page, Extech is in the process of preparing a statement to address the allegations and to explain the company’s position.

The statement reads: “We have taken a very thorough and independent review of the allegations that have been made against us, including our internal processes and our internal culture.

These internal reviews are being conducted with the goal of providing an explanation of the reasons for the firing.

We are committed to conducting these reviews in a fair, transparent, and accountable manner.

We take the allegations of sexual assault very seriously, and we believe they merit further investigation.”

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