How Neoprene is a dangerous substance

HACKER NATION  –  A team of engineers at a British company is using a neoprene-based material to make a pair of headphones that can withstand up to 25,000 volts of electricity. 

The material was invented by scientists at the University of Sheffield and uses the same type of polymer that’s used to make the protective padding around cellphones.

The team used two different kinds of neoprevin for the headphones.

The first uses a different polymer to make one end of the cable, and the second uses a thicker version of the same polymer.

“We are hoping to create a new type of headphone with a very low noise signature,” lead researcher Dr. David Taylor told BBC News.

“It is not going to sound like an expensive $10 pair of Beats headphones, but it will have a much more comfortable fit than those that are currently available.”

The material’s performance is rated at about 40dB at 20 meters and 50dB at 25 meters.

The sound is rated for up to 250 watts.

According to the researchers, the new material is more durable than the previous version and is not affected by noise levels or temperature fluctuations.

Taylor explained that it took the team about six months to design the headphones, with the prototype being tested on a pair.

“The materials properties are so good that it was difficult to make anything else that could stand up to this kind of pressure,” he said.

“The material is not as expensive as some of the other materials, but the cost of materials has increased exponentially.”

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