‘Flexible’ waterproofing technology could help save lives

POLITICO’s Shauna Kinsman explores the technology and potential of new flexible materials that could be used to treat a variety of conditions.

It could help protect the body from heat and humidity and help people recover from infections.

Imbus, a flexible, reusable material, was developed by researchers at the University of California at San Diego and a company in the Netherlands.

The company claims that its polymer can stretch, expand, contract and flex with the body’s shape, making it “flexible enough to replace all the materials in a variety the body uses to protect itself from the elements.”

“Flexibility and adaptability is a fundamental principle of biotechnology,” says co-founder and CEO, David Borenstein.

“The challenge in developing this technology is that it needs to be flexible enough to be used for everything from building a home to medical devices.”

The product is currently in testing at hospitals, universities and laboratories, but it is also available to patients.

In a recent study, researchers tested the materials for their ability to heal broken skin and damaged bone and found that they could heal even the most severe wounds.

Borenstein and his colleagues say they are also exploring ways to use the material to create other applications.

One possibility is for it to replace rubber, plastic and other materials that are not waterproof because they have a limited lifespan, but are also prone to cracking and breaking down.

Some materials are made of carbon, a very expensive material that is more than 20 times more expensive than other materials.

Other materials have a higher price tag but are still able to be made in large volumes.

So far, Borensteins research team has found that the material could be effective for treating the most common type of skin disease known as rosacea, an inflammatory condition that affects the skin, including in the face, neck and arms.

For more information on the products and services at BIOCARE, click here.

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