A $40 billion construction boom in New York City’s Bronx and Brooklyn neighborhoods will generate a ton of jobs but also bring some challenges for local residents

By LEWIS FISHER The New York TimesPublished April 19, 2020 9:36:38The construction boom on Staten Island is set to produce a lot of jobs, but also some big challenges for residents and their neighbors in the boroughs surrounding it.

New York City has been building in a big way for decades, and a big chunk of it is in Manhattan, the borough’s most populous.

The city is now the largest producer of residential construction in the United States.

The construction surge is a major part of a broader surge of construction in New Jersey, New York and New York state.

New York State’s economy has grown by 2.5% since 2010, while New York has experienced a 3.4% increase.

But construction boom can also be disruptive.

The New York area has seen a huge rise in construction, fueled in part by a $40-billion boom in the construction industry.

The region is home to more than a third of the country’s new homes.

That is expected to increase as the construction boom accelerates, and the area’s job growth is projected to reach 9.5 million by 2040, according to a recent report from the New York Economic Development Corp. (NYEDC).

Building in the Bronx and the Brooklyn boroughs is projected at $3.6 billion and $1.5 billion, respectively.

The city is already dealing with a backlog of new homes, with some 5,000 completed homes awaiting a final count.

But many of the neighborhoods around the construction sites are already under-developed, with many housing projects being pushed farther into the city.

Some residents are complaining about the noise of construction, with a city study finding that construction near major intersections can be as loud as those in other cities.

Residents have complained about traffic jams in their neighborhoods and traffic that’s blocked roads.

There are concerns about what residents might get when the new homes are completed.

New Jersey is already a net exporter of housing, according the Economic Development Corporation, and about two-thirds of its housing stock is now located in New Yorker suburbs, where construction is already underway.

The City of New York says it is moving ahead with the completion of the project with the expectation that the apartments will be sold for about $4.8 million each, a price that has not yet been finalized.

Residents who live near the site are already feeling the effects of the construction, said John Raskin, president of the Bronx Neighborhood Council, which is organizing the campaign to keep the apartments.

Some are planning to move out, but Raskins hopes the area will not become a ghost town.

He said he is trying to keep residents informed of the progress and has made a video to let residents know where they can go to find out more.

Residents can go on the Bronx’s website to see what is planned.

Residents have also started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a community center that is expected soon to be built in the neighborhood.

The project is expected for completion by the end of 2019, but the city is working on the details, Raskas said.

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