What are Eagle Materials and Cowtown Materials?

By: Tom Loughhead, NewsSport and The Australian Media, 10.11.2015 A new company, Eagle Materials, is looking to supply a new range of building materials for the construction industry.

Eagle Materials has applied to the Department of Energy for a grant of $200,000 to develop a range of materials for use in building.

The materials would be used to make panels for roofing, windows, electrical systems and a range, including a “mesh” material that would be manufactured from cow carcasses and grasses.

The company says it will work with suppliers to develop the products.

The project has not yet received any Government funding, and is a project of the Department for Primary Industries and the Energy Industry.

The Government has not said what its priorities for the project are.

It says it expects the project to be completed in 2019.

“The first batch of materials are designed to be suitable for use on roofs, windows and doors and for roof-mounted electrical systems,” it says.

Eagle’s materials include cow carcass and grass materials and cowhide, which is a hardy plant with good fibre.

Eagle is based in Sydney.

The firm says it is working with a number of suppliers to build a range in a number on new roof materials, including cowhide and sheepskin.

“We are working closely with suppliers, including the Australian Sheep Association, the Australian Wool Council, and the Australian Sustainable Wool Council to ensure we can continue to support the Australian wool industry,” the company says.

A company called Sheepskin has also applied for a loan from the Department to buy cowskin from a factory in the Northern Territory.

The loan will help pay for “the development of the sheepskin plant, the purchase of sheepskin from the Australian sheep industry, and to support operations in the Southern Territory,” the statement says.

The announcement comes on the same day that the federal Government announced it would invest $5 million to develop “a global research and development programme to develop new and innovative building materials.”

It is the second phase of a $1.6 billion funding package that was announced last month to boost Australia’s capacity to meet energy needs.

The government said the project would also involve the construction of a number more sites.

It also committed $3.3 million to the Federal Government’s National Renewable Energy Target, which aims to bring down the cost of renewable energy in Australia to 25 cents per kilowatt-hour by 2020.

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