I will never wear nylon material

A Hindu activist and yoga guru, who is known for his strong opposition to nylon material, has said he will never go into the textile industry, despite wearing the material.

Vishnu Prasad, who runs a blog on the internet called Yoga for All, told a seminar on Thursday that the use of nylon material is wrong and should be banned.

“Nylon is a material that is made from fibers, so it has a natural affinity to the skin, it has the properties of warmth, of lubricity, and the feeling of being in touch with the earth,” he said.

“And yet, it is used for a great many things, including clothing.”

“I will never, ever wear nylon.

Not in a single day, not in a lifetime.

It is so disgusting,” he added.

Prasad’s comments follow a number of other yoga enthusiasts and celebrities who have spoken out against the nylon, which is made by Japanese company JCPenney.

He said he is a member of the Hindu Yuva Vahini (Yoga Council), an organization that supports yoga and meditation.

“Yoga is not a religion.

Yoga is a practice,” he told the event.

“Yoga should be about learning and self-expression.

Yoga does not have any gods or goddesses, but the practice is about being present and being alive.

I am not trying to say that yoga is a religion or that it is the only practice of yoga.

I believe that yoga has a lot of benefits.

But it is also a practice of meditation and of self-reflection.””

The fabric that I use, that I buy, is the material of yoga,” he continued.

“I don’t buy anything from any company.

This is not about money, this is about my own practice.

Yoga should be a part of life.

I don’t need the material that’s produced from a textile company.”

Yoga activists, who often wear the material, have also spoken out about its use in India, which has more than 40 million yoga students.

Prasaad said he had been wearing the nylon for about a month, but had no problems with it.

“It is not that the material is not good.

But this is an issue for me,” he explained.

“It is a product that I can wear.

The reason I don of using it is because I am a person of the earth, not a material.

I cannot wear it, I cannot touch it.

It’s not something that I want to use.

But I have used it in the past.””

If I wear a garment that I cannot see, that is not yoga.

If I wear something that does not look like yoga, that’s not yoga either.

I have done yoga for a long time, and I have never been affected by it,” he concluded.

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