How to repurpose a photo of an Indian goddess

A woman in a white dress sitting on a pedestal in a public space in India.

| Photo Credit: Ramesh Agrawal/MintPressThe Indian goddess Kali, who is associated with the fertility cycle, is believed to have been carved from the bones of an ancient bull.

A statue of Kali was built in the town of Poona in Bihar, India, in 1855.

Its carved form resembles that of a bull, with the head turned in the same direction, with a long neck and a short tail.

Its head is said to be made of ivory and is decorated with horns and a pair of horns.

Its symbol is a bull with the eyes closed and two horns on its head, while the other horns are decorated with stars and stripes.

The bull is a symbol of the fertility cycles, according to the Hindu religion, which has been practiced in India for centuries.

Kali is a goddess of fertility, according the Hindu scriptures.

Her symbol is an elephant with a bull’s head on its back.

It is considered auspicious in Hinduism and the goddess is depicted holding a bull in her hand.

Her statue is the only one in the world dedicated to a goddess.

In fact, the Hindu deity Kali is often depicted with a naked woman or two standing on a bull.

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