How to make your own artificial intelligence and neural networks for artificial intelligence research

Google has announced a new initiative to create artificial intelligence systems that can be used to develop applications and products that are more efficient, faster and more secure.

The AI company, Google Brain, announced the launch of an initiative called AI for Business, aimed at helping companies to make their AI systems more secure and effective.

“We believe AI can be applied to help businesses build smarter products and services that are faster, safer and more productive, while also ensuring they have the best possible experience,” said Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman and CEO, in a blog post.

“AI for Business is designed to help companies better understand and build AI systems to solve their most challenging challenges.”

The announcement comes at a time when the US is facing increased scrutiny over cyber security, and it also comes on the heels of the recent revelations that US President Donald Trump ordered the NSA to tap phones belonging to members of his campaign team in an attempt to disrupt the presidential election. 

A Google spokesperson said that while the US election is a top priority for the company, it is also important to remember that there are many other challenges that impact the security and privacy of our customers.

“Companies that have more access to the world’s resources, like Google and Facebook, have an even greater opportunity to build AI that is safer, faster, more secure,” the spokesperson said.

“Google Brain is working on a new project to help the world build smarter AI to make it easier for businesses to solve complex problems.”

Google’s AI initiative aims to “help businesses understand and use AI systems faster”, and help them “make better use of AI technology” to solve problems, it said.

The company said it has been working with a range of industry experts, including cybersecurity experts and mathematicians, to create a “secure AI system”. 

“AI for business is designed for companies to better understand, build, and understand better,” it said in the blog post, adding that it will also work with the “big data” community to “develop new algorithms for building AI systems that help businesses to make better use and smarter decisions.”

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