How to get suede on your iPhone 6S

A new iPhone 6s case is being made by a UK company.

The case, called the ‘iPhone 6S Plus’, features a suede texture and an Apple logo on the side.

It will be available on Friday in the UK and Australia, and in the US on Friday and Saturday.

The company behind the case, Made in the USA, has a history of making premium cases, which are designed to look premium in comparison to other premium smartphones.

A photo of the ‘Plus’ case is shown above.

Apple suede is the company’s signature material, with the company also claiming that the materials used in its iPhone cases are not only premium, but also high quality.

The ‘Plus’, which retails for US$899, will feature a metal finish, with suede lining and a curved design that resembles the curved iPhone 5s.

“There are no compromises when it comes to quality,” Made in Australia CEO and co-founder, Alex Krammer, told ABC News.

“It’s really the only way to get a really good looking case.”

He said that the case’s curved design would not make a phone feel bulky.

“We made the curve so it’s less likely to show on your face,” Mr Krammers said.

“I know we’ve got some of the most loyal customers on the planet.”

Made in Canada and the UK suede materials are manufactured in China, and Mr Krams said the company would be sourcing materials from those countries.

Mr Klimmer said the ‘plus’ case would be available in a variety of colours, and would be made in the same factory where Made in China manufactures the iPhone 5 case.

He said Made in Japan and China would be the first two markets to see the case.

Mr Karrammer said Made was working with manufacturers and suppliers in the world’s largest smartphone market to bring a high quality product to markets where its product is already popular.

“People are talking about our case as one of the best in the industry,” he said.

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