Why is the ABC trying to scare off Australians about the use of countertops?

An ABC News investigation has found that Australia’s biggest media organisation is failing to get its message across to Australians about countertops and the risks of using them.

The ABC’s “Countertop” series aired on Thursday, and revealed that many Australians have questions about the products and devices they are using.

“It is important that we understand the product and how it works and what the benefits and risks are,” the program’s presenter, Michael Smith, said.

ABC News contacted the ABC for comment on Thursday but was not immediately provided with a response.

Countertops are essentially small devices that have been placed in a container that are then used to filter out air or other liquids.

Smith explained that the devices are intended to filter a person’s air or water and they are often used in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons and other settings where there are high levels of air pollution.

But he said the devices also have the potential to spread germs and other contaminants.

‘Dangerous and dangerous’ Countertops can also transmit bacteria, which can cause respiratory problems and infection, and can also pose a risk of becoming a bedbug.

In some cases, the devices can also spread viruses such as SARS.

While some of the devices have been approved for use in prisons and nursing homes for a time, the ABC has found they are still being used by some in Australia’s largest hospitals.

Last year, the Royal College of Nursing issued a report saying that the use and misuse of countertop devices was an emerging problem and it was time to ban them.

“There are now over 800,000 people in prison and over 700,000 in nursing homes who use these devices and more than 30% of prison inmates use them every day,” the report said.

“The risks to health are high.”

This is not just about the health of people using them, it is about the safety of the people using it and also the health and safety of staff who use them.

“In Australia, countertops have been linked to at least two deaths.

On Wednesday, a Queensland man died of pneumonia after he was using a countertop to filter air in his hospital room.

Earlier this month, a man in a NSW nursing home died of a suspected coronavirus infection after he became sick with the virus.

Australian Health Minister Jill Hennessy said she was aware of the risks associated with using countertops.”

Countertops can spread germy stuff and that can spread bacteria,” she said.”

There’s a lot of health risks associated, there are risks of the air being filtered.

“But I’m very concerned that, if we’re going to continue to have this, it has got to be a controlled environment.”

The ABC has been very clear about this.

It’s a dangerous product and we’ve been very careful about this in terms of where we’ve used it.

“Smith, who was part of a team from the ABC’s Global Health Unit, said there was a growing concern about the widespread use of the countertop in hospitals and nursing home settings.

He said he believed the ABC had taken steps to address the issue and had started to educate Australians about using the products, but he said there needed to be more.

I’ve been saying for a long time this is a dangerous and dangerous product, Smith said.

The ABC reached out to the ABC about the Countertop series but received no response.

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