What you need to know about the Trump administration’s crackdown on whistleblowers

As a young journalist working for The New York Times, I had the opportunity to uncover a culture of institutionalized retaliation against journalists who dared to speak out against corruption and waste.

As a reporter, I was treated like a criminal.

I was routinely fired, suspended, and even expelled from the Times because I dared to expose government wrongdoing.

In the wake of my reporting on corruption at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Trump Administration announced sweeping reforms that could put journalists at risk of retaliation.

This was not the first time the Trump White House has sought to curtail media freedom and press freedom, however.

In 2013, The New Yorker magazine published an article by former Trump aide Roger Stone, detailing a conspiracy that involved the Department to target journalists who wrote about the corruption and incompetence of the Veterans Administration.

The government and its allies have been attacking journalists for years, but this is the first such crackdown on the press.

While some journalists were targeted, others were merely threatened with further reprisal for reporting on their reporting.

This crackdown on media freedom is likely to be replicated in other government agencies.

There is a growing awareness among journalists that they are at risk.

We now live in a world where the government is determined to silence any voice that challenges the establishment, even if that voice is a political ally or a critic.

Journalists are being harassed and silenced for simply reporting on government corruption.

“We have seen a chilling effect on the media,” said Mark Potok, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“We have no doubt that it is a real problem.”

The Trump administration is already making this crackdown on press freedom even more intense.

On February 6, the Department for the Interior announced that it had issued a “severe” and “reassessment” to journalists who had published or contributed to articles on endangered species, wildlife, or climate change.

The agency said the decision was made because of the “dramatic growth of the media industry.”

The announcement came as the Department’s Office of the Inspector General, which was tasked with investigating how the Trump Interior Department operates, released a scathing report into how the agency handles whistleblowers.

It found that the department was failing to adequately investigate and discipline those who report misconduct and waste to authorities.

President Trump is already using this crackdown against journalists to silence journalists who expose corruption and abuse in government.

Instead of seeking to curb corruption and the abuse of power, the administration is targeting journalists who report on government wrongdoing and corruption.

In a statement released February 10, the president said: “The Trump Administration has issued a serious assessment of the press corps’ ability to function.

They have found that, while the press is not a threat to the security of the United States, the press must be able to exercise the independence it has fought so hard for and that the media must be allowed to report the truth in a free and fair way.”

This chilling effect is already having a chilling impact on the free and independent press.

Journalists have already experienced the chilling effect of being threatened with retaliation for their reporting on waste and corruption in the Department.

Since the start of his presidency, President Trump has been using his bully pulpit to try to intimidate and silence the press, and the White House is already undercutting journalists’ ability and freedom to report on corruption and corruption by threatening them with the threat of more reprisal.

We have a moral obligation to speak up when we see things like this.

The Trump administration and the Trump agenda is clearly designed to limit the ability of the American people to make informed decisions about the future of our country.

If the Trump campaign was going to put out a plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, we should not have any doubt that they were going to go through the Department and the IRS and find out exactly who the reporters were who were trying to expose corruption in government, corruption in all areas of government.

If this is what the Trump presidency is going to be like, then the only question is whether the American press is going do the right thing and speak up.

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