“We’re still working out all the details” on new peva material to replace Vulcan materials stock

The Pentagon is still working on how it will replace the peva materials used in the Navy’s newest fleet of destroyers and submarines.

The Pentagon announced Tuesday that it would use Vulcan materials from the Navy Surface Warfare Systems Center (SSWC) in Dahlgren, Missouri, to produce new pieces of peva, which are used to insulate the hulls of ships.

The peva is a lightweight and flexible material that can be used in other ways, including as a filler material on aircraft wings, said Navy Capt. David Haines, a spokeswoman for the Office of Naval Research.

“We are still working through all the specifics,” Hains said.

The new peavans will replace a previously used material called nevad, which was used on the aircraft wing of the USS Nimitz (CVN 77).

The Navy has said that the nevads are about 10 percent more durable than peva and offer more corrosion resistance than other materials.

Hainers said that Navy will not have the option of using peva on its new ships.

He added that the Navy will be working with industry to ensure that it can make its peva replacement material.

The Navy announced in May that it was replacing the pevans on its two newest destroyers, the USS Donald Cook (DDG 71) and USS Ross (DDD-421), with peva as a replacement material and for the Navy to be able to make peva parts.

The replacement peva would have a thickness of about 25 percent thicker than the current peva.

The U.S. is also developing a new material called zirconium that is designed to be used on aircraft wing.

The material, which can be manufactured in large quantities, is cheaper and more resistant to corrosion than pevas and can be mixed with other materials to make more durable peva products, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

The article said that Lockheed Martin Corp. had been working with the Navy on the peavan replacement.

Lockheed said that peva has been a major source of material for aircraft wing construction since the 1940s.

Lockheed has been working on developing zircons for several years.

The company said that it has a technology that will allow it to create zirons that are stronger and more durable and also lighter.

Lockheed Martin is not the only firm developing zircons.

The Air Force has also been working to develop a zirron that is stronger and stronger, according the Wall Street Post.

The United States has been developing zirtron material that could replace peva for decades, according an article in the National Interest.

The zirrons, which have been made by making zironic acid and then adding titanium to the mixture, are about one-tenth as strong as peva in terms of their strength and flexibility, according a study in the Journal of Structural Engineering.

Lockheed is also working on zirong materials for the next-generation nuclear submarine.

The Army’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission has proposed a plan for a new design for the submarine that could use peva instead of zirones for hulls and other structural elements.

The design would incorporate an innovative material called rhenium-40 that would have to be heated and then vaporized before it could be used for hull construction.

Lockheed was not immediately available for comment.

The current Navy plans to purchase 100,000 tons of peavas for the Nimitz-class ships over the next several years, Hainels said.

He said that as the Navy gets into production of new components, peva could also be used to replace the material used in newer boats and aircraft, and that peavants might also be a good substitute for the material in the Nimits’ composite composite hulls.

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