‘It’s a real challenge’: MP Andrew Wilkie explains how the MPAA’s new online filtering rules are making it harder for Australian films to be seen online

The Australian film and television industry has been left “frightened” by a new online filter that the MPA is now rolling out in the United States.

“It’s like the internet is taking over the world,” Australian filmmaker Adam MacDougall told news.com,au.

He says the new filter “allows companies like Google and Facebook to determine what content you can see and how to block it”.

The MPAA is rolling out a new filter in the US that “targets” sites that are “not in compliance with the MPTA’s strict online filtering guidelines”, Mr MacDougal says.

It means that if you search for a film or television series online, you’ll get flagged by a filter.

“The filter will show the content as if it’s from a legitimate source.

So it’s not the same as the traditional filter that we have,” he says.

“So there’s a lot of fear that it will make it harder to see content and to access films online.”

The filter is also “likely to make it more difficult to access content” and prevent people from accessing films or television shows from “a site with questionable links”.

Mr MacDougalls says the MPOA has a “zero tolerance” policy for sites that aren’t compliant with the filter.

The Australian Film and Television Institute has previously stated that its new filters are aimed at “promoting the integrity and safety of Australian films”.

“We are concerned that the filters will be used to target sites that do not adhere to the strict online filters that we require, and are not likely to comply with these strict requirements,” the organisation said in a statement.

“[We] strongly encourage those who wish to access Australian films, television shows, and music to seek out an online streaming service that complies with the Australian Film Industry Code of Practice.”

What you need to know about the digital economy”

Any content that violates the MPSA’s policies will be removed.”

What you need to know about the digital economy

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