How to make a netting kit

Materials required: 2 metres of 4mm wire – 2cm long, 2cm wide, 4mm thickness.

A piece of string or a piece of cloth for attaching the wire to the roof.

A long piece of metal for the base of the netting.

A bit of glue for holding the net.

This will give you the basic idea.

For the best results, you can make your netting out of wood.

You’ll need two metres of the same wire and 2 metres each of the other two.

You will need the two metres to be 2cm apart.

Place the two netting pieces, with the wire end pointing towards you, against a sheet of wood and secure them with the glue.

Use a nail to hold them together.

The netting should be long enough to be attached to the other sheet of sheet wood.

For maximum results, attach the net to the floor.

The wire should be a bit longer than the floor as it won’t be able to slide down from the ground.

The final piece of the roof net should be attached at one end to the outside of the sheet of plywood.

This piece should be at the centre of the floor, and the rest of the top piece should go on the other side of the building.

You should then have a net that you can put your clothes on.

The last step is to hang the net in a place that will be out of reach of children.

This can be your living room, your dining room, a shed, or even a shed with a small pool.

Use the length of the wire and the glue as a guide, and hang it to create a “hanging net” from which you can remove the net at any time.

You can also hang it over a balcony.

If you want, you could attach it to a wall using a piece, as in the picture above.

Alternatively, you might use the net as a base for your floor.

This may be easier if you’re making a roof deck.

The roof net is a very good choice for a roofing system.

It is strong enough to take the weight of a lot of furniture, and also can be attached securely to a large piece of ply or a sheet.

It also allows for easy installation on other parts of the home.

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