‘Fatal’ tornado strikes silver creek, destroys homes

In the middle of the night, a deadly tornado tore through the town of Silver Creek, in southwest Alabama, destroying a dozen homes and killing at least one person.

It was a terrifying night for the residents, as a powerful storm slammed into Silver Creek on Sunday night, leaving a trail of devastation that stretched into the mountains.

A large swath of the storm was centered around Silver Creek.

Residents were told to be ready to evacuate the town if it started to become dangerous, said Bill Stokes, a Silver Creek resident.

The storm left residents on edge, with some wondering if they were even safe.

“We are going to be on edge,” said James Ewing, who lives on the property.

“I’m worried about our safety.”

The storm was predicted to continue until Thursday morning, when the storm surge would be low enough that people could walk to the nearest city.

Residents were told that the storm would turn around around and return in a few hours.

The town was still under evacuation orders, but residents were allowed to leave the property as long as they stayed at least 100 yards away from the storm, said Stokes.

The storm killed at least three people, including two children.

They were in the Silver Creek Apartments.

In a statement, the Silver County Sheriff’s Office said the three deaths were the second of three people who were found dead on the Silver River, in the town’s west side.

A woman and a man were found unconscious at the top of a hill in the city.

The sheriff’s office said it was investigating the deaths.

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