Why do you think the pet wallpaper is so popular?

The pet wallpaper trend started in the mid-90s with the release of the pet-friendly PetaCards and became a hit among pet lovers, and a major part of the trend is about the quality of the material, said Sanjay Singh, founder and president of PetaCoat.

He told NDTV that PetaPaint.com sells high quality pet-safe pet wallpaper, which is made with non-toxic and non-irritating materials.

The company offers pet wallpaper in sizes ranging from 1.5 to 12 inches, and comes in various colours, shapes and textures.

PetaPapar has also become a major online retailer of pet wallpaper with a website called petpapar.com.

It sells pet wallpaper online and in the pet store, along with pet-sized wallpaper, and has a pet collection, he added.

Petal-free PetaPetar is a pet-care company based in India that has become a favourite for pet lovers.

They are selling pet-free pet wallpaper on their website.

The products come in a variety of colours and textures and the company’s founder and CEO Ashish Singh said they are not selling pet products.

Petal-FreePetar does not sell pet products but the company has been selling pet accessories and pet bedding for pet owners.

He said the company also sells pet food and treats for pets.

The company is currently working on an online pet store and a website to sell pet supplies and accessories for pet users, he said.

PetAway, which offers pet furniture, also sells free pet wallpaper for pet-loving customers.

The site has over a lakh pet furniture products in stock and has over 50 pet products available in its pet store.

“We have been offering free pet wallpapers for pet customers since 2010, and now we are offering pet free wallpaper for free for pet use,” Singh said.

Singh said pet free pet products have a lot of appeal and that it was important for pet shoppers to take care of their pets.

“It is an important trend because pet users want to protect their pets from pet waste and disease, which we are working to prevent,” he added, noting that the trend has also helped pet owners to reduce their pet footprint.

Pet-freepetpapas main competitors in the industry are pet friendly pet stores like PetaGift and PetaShop.

Singh said PetaFree.com is a big player in the market.

He noted that the company offers free pet free products to pet owners, and also sells products in pet stores.

“Our product is the first to offer pet free, pet free and pet friendly products and the biggest pet free store online in India,” he said, adding that the website is currently available in English, French and German.

Singhs PetfreeStore website has over 100,000 pet products in the store, which he said is a very big amount.

“The number of pet free items that we sell is much higher than the number of PetAways in the country, he told NDtv.

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