When Dark Materials, a dark book about science, comes out October 21st, the world is watching

The book is called Dark Materials and it is being billed as a new take on the genre of speculative fiction.

The novel was first published in the U.K. in 2008 and has been translated into over 30 languages.

Its author, the British author Alan Moore, told Wired that the idea for a book about dark matter came from a visit to the Murchison Institute for Particle Physics, which he said was where he learned about the MIMP project.

It was at this meeting where he heard the idea of a dark matter book.

“I said, ‘I’m going to make a book, and I’m going put this book in the dark,'” he said.

He was inspired by a story in the book of an “old man who has the same dark matter and antimatter particles that we do in the universe.”

“I thought that was a cool idea, and the idea is that the book is actually called Dark Matter and this is the book about it.”

It is also being released as a companion book to the film, which is based on the book.

The book will be released on October 21, but Moore said it will be available for purchase at midnight on November 2.

Moore, who has previously written for other mainstream outlets, said that he had to be realistic about the release of his book.

He said that his book will likely be released to coincide with a holiday.

“If I’m getting that holiday and then it’s too late for it to go to the movie theater, it won’t make it into the book,” he said, “it’ll be out there for a long time.”

Moore is not the first science fiction writer to write a dark-matter book.

His own Dark Matter novel is being written now, and a short story based on it will hit shelves on November 15.

It will also be released in a companion edition called Dark Magic: A Dark Matter Companion, which will contain a list of dark matter particles and their properties.

Dark Matter was first released in 2010, and has since been translated by more than 100 countries.

Moore’s novel is the first to focus on the topic of dark energy, which exists in the cosmic realm and is responsible for the universe’s existence.

“Dark Matter is really a philosophical piece,” he told Wired.

It’s unclear when Dark Materials will be made available for sale, but fans can look forward to the book appearing on Amazon in time for Christmas.”

There’s no such thing as dark matter, but it’s a very important question.”

It’s unclear when Dark Materials will be made available for sale, but fans can look forward to the book appearing on Amazon in time for Christmas.

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