Girl group is the most popular in Asia after girl group Girls’ Generation – BBC Sport

The Girl Group is the biggest name in Asia, according to the latest statistics compiled by a leading research organisation.

In a report published on Thursday, the Korea Institute of Marketing and Management (KIMM) said the group’s total audience in Asia grew to 2.07 billion in the year ending March 2018 from 1.89 billion in 2017. 

“This increase of 2.7 billion is almost double the total audience growth of the K-pop industry during the same period in 2017,” the report said. 

The Korean group’s rise was due to “a more active online and offline” market, the report noted.

“While Girls’ has the largest audience in Korea, their popularity is due to the popularity of their music videos and videos that have a more social element,” the study said.

“It also means that K-Pop is now becoming more popular than ever before.”KIMP said the biggest growth came from the entertainment and social media, with total viewership of K-POP-Korea growing by 2.6 billion from 1 billion to 2 billion.

The number of girls watching K-pops was also up by 8 per cent to 2 million, while the number of boys watching them was down by 4 per cent.

The report said K-drama, popular in the Philippines and Vietnam, and K-bang, popular among South Korea, also grew by 8 and 4 per percent respectively.

The K-Drama category saw the biggest increase, with a 15 per cent growth in viewership, with the number watching a K-bop-Korean rising from 2.35 million to 2,831, according the report.

K-bang’s viewership grew by 10 per cent, and the number watched a Ks-bang-Koreas rose from 2,938 to 3,856. 

In total, the Korean K-market grew by 2,621.5 billion won in the 12 months to March 2018, a growth of 20.7 per cent compared with the same year last year.

The report highlighted the Ks’ popularity as the reason for the growth. 

According to the report, the group gained popularity by being able to communicate with each other through social media platforms, and by performing concerts at venues in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Busan and Tokyo.

Ks’ success also came from a number of factors, including their “mature and positive image”, the report added. 

It said that the group is also supported by the popularity and popularity of music videos.

“In 2017, K-stars were not the most recognizable and popular groups in Korea,” the KIMM report said, but this year, the K group’s popularity has surpassed its image.

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