California building materials could be a big help for drought-stricken state

By MATTHEW BERGER, Associated Press SANTA MONICA, Calif.

(AP) The state is considering building new buildings in the state that would have a large number of materials from a variety of states, including California, the state’s top-ranking architect said Thursday.

“It’s something that’s definitely on the table,” said Paul Roesler, chief engineer at the State Historic Preservation Office.

Roesler told the Associated Press that if the project goes through, the new building would be made from materials from California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, as well as materials from Canada and Mexico.

The proposal would build a large building that would be located at the edge of a national park in Santa Cruz County.

Roesner said it would have about 1,500 square feet of space, about half the size of the current building in the city of Santa Cruz.

The building would also have a lot of windows.

He said it could be used to provide views of the mountains or the San Gabriel Mountains, as the site of a large ranch.

It would be built in an area that includes several historic buildings, including the Santa Cruz Hotel, the historic Santa Cruz Opera House and the Santa Clara Opera House.

The Santa Cruz building would serve as the foundation for the city’s public library, he said.

The project would not be a home for the state or a public housing complex, Roeser said.

It also would be more environmentally friendly than traditional construction, he added.

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