Women Entrepreneurs
Web site design and development--E-book / E-catalogue--Content Development--Presentations--Course material Design--E-learning material design--Technical Documentation--Animations--Brochure design--Instructional design

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 Welcome To WE                                

WE, a team of professionals, are together to share our expertise and offer consulting services. Each of team members has at least 5 years of experience in development and implementation of training packages in a wide range of subjects. WE have been delivering quality projects/services in India and abroad for last 4 years.
WE have expertise to develop training materials, teaching aids from pre-school to corporate level. WE have excellent language and presentation skills. Timely delivery of quality products is never compromised at WE.
WE have been involved in various jobs across Australia and USA. Now WE are looking forward to expand in India. WE have Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical and Computer engineers along with a support team of animators, data entry people, PPT creators.